Kevin draws on his thorough knowledge of the practice of Yoga to take students through powerful, immersive workshops, giving students an opportunity to safely explore the depths of their personal practice.  

Sacred Masculine Workshop

 Sacred Masculine Workshop: Fierce Grace

So many men are grappling with how to understand their role in these vastly changing times. This workshop is designed to help you step into your full, authentic Divine Masculine self.

You will learn how to reclaim your true masculinity, get in touch with your emotions and learn how to use them as tools towards self empowerment and healthier relationships. You will practice balancing your masculine and feminine side through love and heart space. This will give you the power to create conscious relationships and success in your life.

Two Hours | All Levels


Ganesha Workshop Kevin Naidoo

Grounding is the essence of Lord Ganesha

This workshop calls on the energy of Lord Ganesha, who symbolizes, amongst other things, the removal of obstacles. Using asana, pranayama, meditation, mudras, and chanting, the practise will focus on a flow to bring awareness to limiting beliefs and other obstacles that may prevent us from manifesting our Sankalpas (Intentions). Building physical strength, with a courageous heart and clear, focused mind, we can move mountains.

Two Hours | All Levels


Meet Mother Kali Workshop

Meet Mother Kali

This is a flowing class dedicated to the goddess Kali, the one who invokes the fire inside us in order to dissolve the things in our lives that are no longer serving us. Kali is hot and fiery and so is this class!

Join us for an afternoon of storytelling, of letting go, and of looking at our hooks. Working with the Kali mudra we will face our ego, moving through a spicy devotional practice. Prepare to transform, burning away all samskaras (old patterns).


THREE Hours | All Levels

Pratyahara Workshop

Pratyahara - The Art of Seeing Within: A Yin Blindfold Intensive

Pratyahara means to withdraw all senses, and when we bring this to the mat, deep healing occurs on a soul level. In 2015, I was diagnosed with open angular glaucoma. This progressive disease led to complete vision loss in one eye and 50% in the other. Practicing yoga began to look different as I was forced to modify my own practice. This disease taught me to look inside, to discover my truth and take control of ego.

When we close ourselves off to sensory stimulation we truly become present with self. There is nowhere to run, there is nowhere to hide, there is stillness.  Within this gentle battle between ego and soul, we face our shadows and our light. We discover our truth, our authenticity, and the sacred union within. Ego falls away as we bring in self-compassion, self-worth and self-appreciation.  

I believe in the power of Pratyahara, and I believe you will leave this workshop transformed.

two hours | all levels


Love Light Liberation Workshop

SACRED WARRIOR | Unleash Your Courage 

We are in a powerful time of change that carries a strong call to rise up and own our power. The Spiritual Warrior is a sacred mixture of masculine and feminine; a blend of strength, courage, beauty, and compassion; an expression of Fierce Grace. Both Shiva and Shakti are held in balance within the Spiritual Warrior. In this workshop, we will explore a non-dogmatic approach to Ashtanga yoga with a emphasis on Bhakti, using mantras, mudras, sacred story and breath to connect you with your authentic self. Stepping into your Power and owning that it is your Birthright.

Expect a soulful journey to ignite magic in your body, mind and heart with the sacred stories and practices of Yoga.

three hours | all levels


Self-Love Workshop


This workshop will guide you deep into the aspects of the Maha (Great) Hindu goddesses. The weekend is designed to help you find the aspects of yourself within the goddesses, the characteristics of theirs you desire to embody, and the ways in which we can call on these deities to help you clear the non-serving aspects in our lives and rise to the callings of our heart's true calling and authentic self. Each day will offer ritual storytelling, as well as a 90 minute asana class with pranayama, chanting, puja, and journaling.

2-Day Goddess Series | 6 hours | 3 hours per day  


Kevin Naidoo Yoga | Posture Clinic

Posture Clinic

When you are holding a posture, do you ever wonder if you are ‘doing it’ right!? Are you looking to further your understanding of the series and deepen your personal practice? A posture workshop is a great opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the poses and have your burning questions answered, whether you have recently begun practicing or are a seasoned yogi. 

This workshop is about empowering you to practice yoga safely for YOUR body, taking into consideration injuries, movement habits, posture and other conditions. We will look at safe alignment, modifications and variations for some of the key poses and transitions in a flow yoga class. We will also focus on the intention of the pose and demonstrate how one pose can vary widely from body to body. The session will start with a simple warm up, followed by lots of time for practice and questions on the key poses.

Two hours | All Levels




This workshop is for those who find themselves holding space for others. As Spiritual teachers and practitioners, it is easy to pick up energy that is not ours and unknowingly let it influence us and bring confusion into our lives. We must protect ourselves. It is when we are clear and protected that we can truly hold space for others.

In this workshop, Kevin will provide students with information on why protecting ourselves is important and what rituals we can use to do this for ourselves.

Two hours | All Levels



Are you a studio owner/director and interested in inviting Kevin and his workshops into your space? Kevin currently travels both within Canada and internationally for his offerings. Please inquire using the button below, and he'll be happy to get back to you soon. 

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