Kevin draws on his thorough knowledge of the practice of Yoga to take students through powerful, immersive workshops, giving students an opportunity to safely explore the depths of their personal practice.  

Meet Mother Kali Workshop

Meet Mother Kali

This is a flowing class dedicated to the goddess Kali, the one who invokes the fire inside us in order to dissolve the things in our lives that are no longer serving us. Kali is hot and fiery and so is this class!

Join us for an afternoon of storytelling, of letting go, and of looking at our hooks. Working with the Kali mudra we will face our ego, moving through a spicy devotional practice. Prepare to transform, burning away all samskaras (old patterns).


THREE Hours | All Levels

Pratyahara Workshop

Pratyahara - The Art of Seeing Within: A Blindfold Intensive

Pratyahara means to withdraw all senses, and when we bring this to the mat deep healing occurs on a soul level. In 2015 I was diagnosed with open angular glaucoma. This progressive disease led to complete vision loss in one eye and 50% in the other. Practicing yoga began to look different as I was forced to modify my own practice. This disease taught me to look inside, to discover my truth and take control of ego.

When we close ourselves off to sensory stimulation we truly become present with self. There is no where to run, there is no where to hide, there is stillness.  Within this gentle battle between ego and soul, we face our shadows and our light. We discover our truth, our authenticity, and the sacred union within. Ego falls away as we bring in self compassion, self worth and self appreciation.  

I believe in the power of pratayahara, and I believe you will leave this workshop transformed.

three hours | all levels


Love Light Liberation Workshop

Love Light Liberation  

A lot of people can find Yoga intimidating. They watch others in handstands, jumping and flying through the air, and they are unsure if their body will support them. In this 3 hour non-dogmatic approach to ashtanga yoga we break things down to make it approachable to all body types. You will be given variations that will meet you where you’re at, moving slowly and mindfully through the practice. We will also look into the 8 limbs of Yoga which will allow you to bring the philosophy into your everyday life.

Join us for this all levels workshop and observe the transformation of of YOU - The Guru within.

three hours | all levels


Self-Love Workshop

Self-Love Workshop 

This workshop is all about investing in you…

Be who you really are. This includes embracing your shadow self. The unexpressed aspects of self, which beg for expression. When we can accept our shadow self with love and compassion, the fear and need to hide dissipates. We begin to find harmony, as our shadows balance our light. When you find this, you become free to express yourself authentically. The more you deny your truth. The stronger the shadow side becomes. Let’s come together with humility and grace, practicing self love in it’s fullest capacity.   

three hours | all levels   



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