Soul Liberation online mentorship 

Svadhyaya - Study of Self

Are you ready to face your shadows, liberate your soul, and re-claim your truth? In this program, we will look at our shadow self, to remove the masks we wear, become honest with who we really are, and step into a place of truth and authenticity. As we strip away the veil, we honour any wounds that may arise and start to set clear boundaries for our path.

This program will dissect the roots of yoga philosophy, as we look deeper into body, mind & spirit. We will study the divine balance between Shiva and Shakti and explore our own expressions of shadow and light. We can use this great practice to reveal hidden truths that help us in all that we do as humans, individually and collectively. Join Kevin for a transformational experience, supported in an environment of unconditional love & non-judgement.

*No requirements and open to all wanting to deepen a connection with Self. With this unique program, you choose the times, you choose the dates. *



WEEK I: Sankalpa | Intention

Everything begins with our Sankalpa (intention), and from that space, we can start to ground into a loving, rooted awareness. In this class, we will explore the physical body. Within our cellular memory we carry stories, emotions, and generational karma. Gather tools that will allow you to become introspective in order to bring healing. We will use sound and mantra to tap into our wounds. We will also use mudras as we connect to the Pancha Maha Butas (5 elements) within.


WEEK II: Bhavana | cultivate

In this class, we will break through old paradigms, limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, old belief systems, and ancestral karma. We will connect with all aspects of ourselves including the inner child and adolescent self. Kevin will offer you tools that will allow you to re-claim your voice as well as your power. Your power is your birthright!


Week III: ChAya | Shadow Self

In this class, we will connect with the aspects of ourselves that create suffering, shame, blame and fear. We will bring back a sense of balance between the light and dark and honour all wounds. Explore tools of protection, with a special focus on empaths, as well as myths & sacred stories of the ancient Yogic tradition which are laced with wisdom & teachings. Within each story is a gem containing how to lead a happier and more peaceful life. They prompt an inquiry that can help us transform our lives.


WEEK IV: Santosha | Inner contentment

Everything that you have released and cleared will now be integrated into the vibration you are ready to step into. Kevin will offer you tools that will bring you back into heart space as you experience self forgiveness, self compassion, and self love. Leave this class feeling transformed and proud of yourself for all you have accomplished as you begin to see all things through the eyes of creator.


Course Outline

This 4-week individual mentorship program includes the following (and more):

-Intro Call (30 minutes)
-Access to 4 powerful modules
-Video coaching calls (4 x 60 minutes each)
-Physical practices (4 x 20 minutes each) that will incorporate many traditions and modalities
-Yoga Nidra recording
-Meditation recording
-Daily rituals for self care and nurturing (5)
-Homework to integrate for the week ahead (including E-handouts, links, articles, and reading lists to support you on your journey)
-Unlimited correspondence support via email or messenger

**Please allow a weekly commitment of 5 hours per week for homework, integration, and reading material.**


Choose to pay in full, or make two payments of $222 paid over the course of 2 months. Apply for this transformational program with Kevin by clicking the button below.

Your Teacher

Kevin Naidoo Mentorship Program

With over 1000 hours of formal training in a variety of traditions, Kevin combines ancient Yogic and Shamanic traditions in a non-dogmatic way to be accessible to all. Kevin's Yogic studies include a vast knowledge base in the philosophical, mythological and historical facets of Yoga. He shares this knowledge leading Yoga teacher trainings, workshops, and immersions worldwide. Students find not only a confident leader and spiritual warrior in their teacher, but a patient and humble mentor who is attentive to the progress of each individual.