"Kevin Naidoo represents the new wave of Yogi. Joining the west and eastern practices in perfect harmony. I have been so very fortunate to have attended many of his workshops and classes. His practice is raw, honest and beautiful. As a student I have learnt so much and continue to learn from him each and every day. As a teacher he has been nothing but compassionate, supportive, encouraging and nurturing. Kevin can make even the most challenging pose seem effortless and with his pure presence will transform your day, ironing out the wrinkles, wringing out the bad energy from your body, not to mention the mind.. and through his powerful healing, take away your pain.

Each class is different, some more physically intense than others, but all are an outpouring of pure love.

Prepare to be transformed, taken back in time, to a different dimension and be fully immersed in your practice. Yoga with Kevin Naidoo is a wonderful journey and a sacred blessing. He is such a gift to us and we bow to him. Namaste."

-Emily, Saskatoon, SK

"The river runs not by him, but through him. These words say for me what is hard to define about someone who shares with me a Yoga practice that allows me to grow and change on terms that meet no one else's expectations, but my own. . . and not only to feel confidant that I am on the right personal path, but also to gradually witness changes in myself on many different levels. 

I started yoga 17 months ago at 57 years of age and at first it was only about getting the moves. Then came the awareness that there was more to this than just the physical. I am learning by being witness to the practice that is Kevin’s life. This is different than being taught. This is an experience that is hard to put into words, but I shall try. 

Kevin offers himself totally as he carries his students through their practices. He is conscientious about his own life and practice. It reflects a wealth of background knowledge and personal training that is evident, but is never the centre of the practice. The centre is always the student. Every time I enter his sanctuary and do yoga I feel that I am the beneficiary of what he strives to become in his own personal journey. He welcomes and openly encourages personal growth without judgment. His vulnerability becomes mine and that is when my best learning has happened. I believe that one of Kevin’s most important gifts, and he has many, is his ability to listen to people. When his students talk to him, he is fully engaged in their voice. He hears and sees with his heart. In the simplest of terms he is first and foremost genuine but also humble, honest, and giving. Now I catch myself saying that "Yoga is what I do" and this is an entirely unexpected place for me to be. Although very much a novice at it, I am happy to be this new person. My journey is beginning and I am grateful for what I have learned and accomplished and what I know I have yet to learn. I want to do yoga as long as I can in this life. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kevin. I see and feel your love and compassion for everyone and everything that enters your world. You inspire more than you know and your students so often get more than they realize. My husband and I are testimony to that. 

Loved and supported; safe and protected, here in this space; no judgement.

After a moment of quiet meditation at the beginning of class, these are most often the first words we will hear Kevin say – and they are true. Practicing in his class is to embody mindfulness and to honour where we are each at personally, while he cues our slow, mindful breath so that we may “support each other’s greatness”. 

His verbal cues make asanas accessible to all, as he often gives several levels of options to “stay where you are” or to “go deeper”. In some classes we build fire; in others, we connect deeply with a pose to move past places that have been holding us back. Sometimes it is playful and we laugh out loud; other times it is powerful and tears stream down our faces as we move through asanas or rest in Savasana. Regardless, I always leave his class feeling a little more loved and a little more like myself. Sometimes sweaty, sometimes rested, but always grateful." 

-Stacey, Saskatoon, SK