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"I offer heart-centered teachings; focused on the individual as a whole. I teach all of yoga, beyond just posture, holding space for each student to find their worth, their love and their light."



Kevin's teachings weave Vedic philosophy, Patanjali’s Sutras, concentration and a withdrawal of the senses into breathwork, bandhas and asana, creating a brilliant tapestry of the practice rooted in tradition. 

Kevin Naidoo Private Classes

Private Classes

From one-on-one classes, couples lessons, and small-group sessions, Kevin offers a variety of private classes to make Yoga accessible to all.

Kevin Naidoo Online Mentorship

online mentorship

Are you ready to face your shadows, liberate your soul, and re-claim your truth? Join Kevin for this transformational program…

Kevin Naidoo Workshops


Kevin shares the deep knowledge and understandings uncovered within his own studies and personal practice in a series of transformational workshops.


"Yoga is a journey toward liberation; uncovering one’s true Self and honouring the greatness in others, best walked in the spirit of light and love."

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Watch Kevin’s TV series, Reflect and Renew, a series for self-transformation through thoughtful meditation and Yoga. This powerful series is available on, a media organization that creates, advocates, collaborates and enables accessibility to all media.


Catch Kevin’s guided meditations on Insight Timer.